A New Year revelation

March 2018

January 1 was quite some time ago and, as is the norm, many of us vow to improve ourselves in some way or another. Whether it’s with more exercise, less eating, less drinking or keeping to a budget, sadly most of us do not succeed and in fact, we don’t even make it to the third week of the first month of the new year.

As a seasoned professional at failing on my wish list of resolutions, I decided to forego making any new ones this year until at least the spring. After all spring is the time of renewal, birth, warmer days and brighter times…versus the cold of winter when I, like many, hunker down watching movies or favourite tv shows, looking at my exercise bike as just something to aspire to.

My reasoning, and you may experience this as well, is that post Christmas season, when the family has gone, the tree packed away and the glitter dust has settled, the one place that still looks like it is mid December is the freezer and pantry that continues to hold enough specialty food items for the Christmas to come.

You know how it goes, as you are strolling through the aisles you think the kids will like the items that they really really liked when they were young or mentioned once or twice in conversation. In fact, upon arrival, they relay that they have now engaged in a low carb, low fat, no sugar, no salt diet. This effectively eliminated most of my menu selections and thus I have all of this left behind.

So as January rolls on and February limps through, I find myself peeking in the inventory and, because waste is such a bad word, I indulge in all the chocolate, cookies, salted peanuts and candy that is left over due to my family’s new-found health regime.

Of course, I am probably the most in need when discerning what not to eat and have absolutely no willpower to the fattening foods I am now faced with. In fact, there are days that I combine sweet as well as salty treats with the justification that if I eat them, they will then be done and no longer available.
I figure this will take until spring, thus my revelation.

I am more likely to make my vow, and be successful, to eat less and exercise more once all the inventory is cleaned out versus in January when I have to look at it …think about it…or dare I say dream about it. Hopefully by spring the cupboards are clean of all contraband, and with the added incentive of summer clothing prominent in my mind, I may be able to achieve this year, what I have failed to do so many years before. And then comes Easter…. sigh….

Sue Prodaniuk is a marketing, advertising and communications consultant. She can be reached at sprodaniuk@shaw.ca.

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