The new, the old, and the unnecessary

September 2018

These days I am constantly downloading updates, new apps and a variety of programs to my cache of things I already don’t know how to use. I fully understand, that in all probability like my brain, I am only using about 10% of the capability.

We have a Google Home device that I know can do more than hold my grocery list. (Although I think it is cool that I can ask it to automatically add an item and it appears on my phone). My husband enjoys asking her questions she will have difficulty answering. His favourite is whether or not she has a boyfriend. She answers that she is focusing on her career.

My car has diagnostics on everything from oil change readiness and tire inflation to gas efficiency. This computer poses problems for me as one can now check how well I do on the latter. Some people think my lack of efficiency is because of a lead foot. And of course, now there is proof.

We have also added a new innovation in the way we purchase furniture. Most recently we acquired a new king bed that came delivered to our door in a box. After assembly of the frame was done, it was time for the mattress to be unearthed.

As we slowly took off the plastic, air began to escape and yes, as you can imagine, “poof”, I became engulfed in a king size and very heavy foam-like mattress. I was underneath it, trying to leverage the weight with my arms and legs while my husband wrestled it in place.

Interestingly there is a warranty that indicates you can return it if you don’t like it. How clever. There is no possible way we would be able to get this mattress back in the box. It is sort of like the Spanx of beds but in reverse.

From cordless vacuums, to televisions that are SMART, to phones that let you speak to each other without really speaking to each other, I am trying to adapt to all this change.
There are days I long for a simpler life where I am not constantly asking what something is or how it works. I recall when attempting to put something together (without instruction) I always had a few nuts and bolts left over. In my head, they were really not that important.

I like to think that’s how I have adapted to the constant innovation. Knowing that there is a lot more but pretty certain it is not really necessary.

Have a great fall everyone.

Sue Prodaniuk is a marketing, advertising and communications consultant. She can be reached at

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