Lifting made easy

June 2019

Anyone who has tried to install or simply lift a granite countertop knows it’s not an easy task. View any of the multitude of home renovation shows on HGTV and you’ll see 3 or 4 grimacing workers straining to put a single slab in place.

But a local company with a good idea and some help from the NWO Innovation Centre has developed solutions to help do this heavy lifting safely and efficiently.

Local entrepreneurs Conor Lyon and John Naccarato of Lynac Tile Equipment have worked together to create the first truly portable suction gripper specifically designed to handle tile and stone using a lithium battery powered machine that provides a simplified, safe alternative to manual lifting, carrying and setting.

Lyon is a formally trained electrical engineer who attended Confederation College and Lakehead University and John Naccarato is a local tile and concrete business owner who was looking for a solution to an age old problem.

“We have patent pending on our Tile Laying Machine (Tile Slayer) which is a game changer for large scale, large format tile for commercial flooring jobs. Our hand held suction tools are gaining traction with landscapers for handling patio stone, flag stones, pavers and more. There is a multitude of other uses including granite, dry wall, glass and package handling. Think about how you would pick up, transport and place a paving stone that weighs 80 pounds, 2’x2’ in size. Our grippers suction onto the surface so you have a handle to lift from, without bending over”, says Lyon.

Lyon can see the product being adopted and sold worldwide. “Our product is disrupting traditional installation methods and there is an unlimited untapped market. We see our machine becoming a necessity for companies (or single installers) to remain competitive and we aim to keep operations and the bulk of our manufacturing local which is great for Thunder Bay”, said Lyon.

For more information on Lynac Tile Equipment, go to

Bill Wrightsell is a marketing consultant and regular contributor to Bayview Magazine. Email him at

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