What I did last summer

September 2019

Like when we were in school, I thought I would regale you with what I did this past summer. I think most of us agree that the weather was pretty nice. Hot temperature days, followed by warm nights, is something pretty unusual and spectacular for our area. With the exception of the humidity, and the bugs that this type of weather brings, I thoroughly enjoyed spending my days, and evenings outside.

In fact, it was so nice I often had difficulty doing the things I was supposed to do. Most congratulated me because that’s what summer is all about and, after all, retirement is also about doing what you want to do, not what you have to do.

And therein lies the problem. Most days I wanted to do absolutely nothing. In fact, my favourite mornings were those when I had no commitment and I could languish, in my pajamas, cup of coffee in hand and good book to read through. I am certain this image conjures up luxurious silk, fine bone china and a copy of War and Peace. Actually, my pjs are slightly less exciting in 100% cotton, coffee is in my favourite retirement mug and I’m reading an old Oprah magazine.

Most often mornings like this resulted in a bounty of errands and commitments reluctantly completed in a flurry by mid to late afternoon. By then I was completely exhausted. I mean watering the plants and paying bills online takes a lot out of a girl!

I would regroup with, you guessed it, a beverage, my outdoor lounge chair and a good book. There is something about reading in the sunlight that lulls me into sleep. (This is an inherited trait.) There is nothing like an afternoon respite to recharge the batteries. Unfortunately, the recharge lasted long enough to make a light dinner and do the post clean up. I followed that by enjoying an evening of tv watching or bingeing on my iPad while enjoying a fire.

Fires too have a way of mesmerizing me and yes, once again, lull me into sleep. Tucked under my blanket, holding a glass of my favourite beverage while my iPad droned on, is how I spent many evenings this past summer. I eventually would wake up and make my way to bed, content with my lazy day of sheer, utter lack of accomplishment.

I guess that although it may not be that exciting, and admittedly this wasn’t an everyday occurrence, I thoroughly enjoyed the time, when I had the time, to do nothing of relative importance.

I realize, like summer, these forays into bliss have to pass. Like a beacon for my conscience, I will have to get on with those things I have to do and not indulging myself so much. At least until I leave for our sojourn in Florida and those warm summer days and nights. Hope your summer was just as fulfilling.

Sue Prodaniuk is a marketing, advertising and communications consultant. She can be reached at sprodaniuk@shaw.ca.

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