Victoria Shaffer

September 2020

The daughter of one of Thunder Bay’s favourite sons received a great deal of notoriety recently when she turned some recent negative life events into something good. Victoria Shaffer, the 27 year old daughter of musician and entertainer Paul Shaffer is a dynamo. Born and raised in New York, Victoria currently lives in Los Angeles and is a producer, host, and animal rescue advocate. She was kind enough to answer some questions about her career, her family and her love of dogs.

Q. Tell me what inspired you to foster dogs during the recent pandemic.

A. When Covid hit, I decided I wanted to do something meaningful with my time. I felt useless living on the other side of the country while several members of my family, including both of my parents, were fighting Covid. I can proudly say that I have fostered 32 dogs since the pandemic began. This includes three separate litters of newborn puppies as well as dogs with behavioral issues and special needs. This intense fostering has been a great distraction from the negativity in today’s world. At the moment I have thirteen dogs — my two dogs, Rue and Echo, and Cindy and her ten puppies. They will be available for adoption through Mutt Scouts at the end of September once the puppies are old enough to go home.

Q. You’ve been receiving some notoriety and acclaim for your work recently, tell me how this has helped you in your career path.

A. While fostering litters of puppies during quarantine, I began making tons of dog-centric content on Instagram (Follow me @victorialilyshaffer !). I created a DIY Instagram TV series called "Covid-K9” and started Live streaming with my litters. My fostering journey and content got a lot of buzz from both NY and LA news and morning shows. I have met so many people through creating this sort of content and receive DMs from people each day telling me how I have inspired them to adopt a dog in their town. I hope to continue making this sort of impact once the pandemic is over. In the beginning of quarantine we celebrated the rise in foster volunteers and adoptions. Shelters were empty for the very first time! I worry that when life resumes people will forget about all the dogs in need. We can’t let that happen!

Q. Share some of the other projects you’re working on.

A. I am currently developing a digital series and podcast with Oso Studios that I am not yet able to disclose. However, I am excited to announce that I am writing a book with Simon and Schuster about (surprise!) all things dogs. The book will include adoption stories, DIYs, tips & tricks, and much more from myself, celebs, and dog lovers alike. Keep an eye out for the book around the holidays of 2021!

When she’s not caring for puppies, Victoria says she takes to the outdoors by hiking, paddle boarding and rollerblading. Victoria also admits to being incredibly crafty, always trying to build things around the house and problem solve.

When asked how her family feels about her career path, Victoria admits she definitely got her knack for entertainment from her dad and her drive to do and try everything from her mom. “My parents have been very supportive of my dreams and aspirations of becoming a host and saving animals. They weren’t always dog lovers, having not grown up with dogs themselves, but it is safe to say that they certainly are now!”

Check out Victoria Shaffer on Instagram to view her COVID K-9 series and other projects @victorialilyshaffer

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