Wish you were here

November 2020

The pandemic certainly has changed our world. Beyond the fact that we are all looking for a project or trying to put things in order, I seem to have a lot more time to kill. So why then, as we near December, am I beginning to panic and feel stressed out? Because it’s the festive season that’s why and no matter the social distancing, the wearing of masks or the 6 feet of space we should be adhering to…it is time to celebrate!

As I am writing this from my family room (no Florida for us) I am looking at the splendour of fall. I know that soon we will have the white stuff permanently and our houses will be adorned with lights and festive décor. All of this is to make our family, friends, neighbours and ourselves feel welcome and happy when we enter the door.

But, like other festivities and events this year, will our traditional celebrations be curbed as a result of the dreaded Covid 19?

This has been a regular dilemma in my home most of this year. It began with Easter and whether my “bunny” décor should be spread throughout my home.

I mean, at that time, so long ago, we had no idea that restrictions would continue to the end of the year. I sawed off at putting out only half of the items I accumulated over time, placating myself that our household (the two of us) would enjoy the extra effort and well, chocolate.

So many months later, with restrictions again more stringent, I find myself wondering what to do about Christmas. Should I continue to decorate the house in the manner that I have done in the past, knowing, or at least speculating, that our social activity will be reduced or curbed in size and scope? Or should

I look to a more reserved approach, not really knowing that anyone at all will actually see it?

Interestingly I have no intention of reducing the baking; having already filled my cupboard with the requisite marshmallows, chocolate, butterscotch chips and coconut. For this I will need a new festive apron as for some reason my old standby has shrunk. Funny thing, only the ties got shorter.

To pacify my inner dilemma, I have decided to adorn our home “decorator style”. All will be in gold (including my tree) with clear lights, ribbons and bows.

I will then work on the perfect backdrop for the inevitable digital communication and perhaps film a 360 display of something that I hope will be out of Home and Garden. This, I can send to one and all, as we enjoy a glass of wine, virtually.

Unfortunately, looking at recent history, my enthusiasm ends as quickly as it begins; the 12 blue tubs of decorations looming large in my view. I should be bored at tub #6.

There is part of me that knows I will feel so good once I get the house decorated. The other part is telling me to treat it like a set on a film, decking out one corner and ensuring all video connections are made from this location.

No matter that the unknown is constant and that we have learned to be flexible, my suggestion to myself is to forge ahead with the hope that my not so perfectly decorated home will be viewed and enjoyed by our family and friends, in person. Alternately 2020 will end as it began, bringing a whole new meaning to the words wish you were here.

Have a wonderful festive season everyone.

Sue Prodaniuk is a marketing, advertising and communications consultant. She can be reached at sprodaniuk@shaw.ca.

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