The kindness of neighbours

March 2021

In a rare act of spontaneity I decided to finally hang white lights on the giant 50+ foot spruce tree in my front yard. There was no way a ladder would do the trick, so I bit the bullet and arranged a scissor lift to drape some 2,600 lights over the tree. Their bright presence projected a hopeful, playfulness as if to say, “hey neighbours – let’s enjoy the season!”

Keep in mind, after 20 years in the same house I actually know very few of my neighbours – so it was surprising when a few made a point of personally thanking me for my gesture.

I also received no less than five cards of thanks in my mailbox, one including a Tim Horton’s gift card with the message, “Best tree in the neighbourhood.”

The experience is proof that the simple things we do from planting flowers to hanging birdfeeders are appreciated by those around us.

Happy spring neighbours, now what can I do next?

Dorothy Christie, Publisher

Dorothy Christie is the Publisher of Bayview.

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