Bingeing on-demand

September 2022

Perhaps like many of you, I spent much of last winter huddled in front of my television. Although not very healthy, due to pandemic restrictions at the time, there was little to no choice in terms of recreation. I became very adept at watching my favourite shows while riding my bike, ironing and even when cooking. (admittedly the outcome wasn’t always the best)

My largest expenditure has changed from buying shoes to subscribing to streaming services. I don’t want to miss even one episode, so I have them all. To keep my interest, and salvage some brain function, I began watching more documentaries. I was in awe at the stories, information and subject matter. Some of it left me feeling a little bit uncomfortable, realizing that anything can happen, and probably will, somewhere and sometime. Watch some true crime and you will know what I mean.

When this all began, I could pick the shows I wanted to watch and binge a few days away going through episode after episode. I gained a great appreciation for the shows that stream the totality of the series. I could watch when I wanted and, after all, this truly is the meaning of “on-demand.” In fact, the definition is “as soon as or whenever required”.

As many of you are aware, however, “on-demand” is now more designated weekly episodes, making me face the fact that we have not moved beyond the year when we awaited the answer to who shot JR. (you may have to explain this to the millennials or younger)

We waited an entire summer to find out the answer to what, undoubtedly, was the biggest question of the year. We didn’t know “on-demand” back then, but I would guess we would have really appreciated the answer to the big question a lot sooner. (I hate to admit this, but I really can’t remember the outcome)

Now with winter approaching, I am hopeful that content developers have worked overtime to get the fall lineup ready to go, and truly available, “on-demand” because right now I am having a bit of trouble keeping track of what days, and times, the newest episodes are available.

As I am writing this, it is a beautiful August day, and I am on the patio enjoying the sun. And I am reading a book. At least most of my books finish their story, in total, cover to cover.

Have a wonderful fall, all!

Sue Prodaniuk is a marketing, advertising and communications consultant. She can be reached at

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