Kakabeka Business District continues to expand

September 2022

The business hub of Kakabeka Falls continues to expand with new offerings to service the growing rural population. Just a short half hour drive from Thunder Bay, Kakabeka offers exciting new services and places to visit and explore while enjoying the colours of fall.

Kakabeka’s newest Pharmacy opens, local owners Henry Tempelman and Devon Myers brought Evergreen Pharmacy to Kakabeka just over five years ago, bringing much needed services to the area. They soon outgrew the original space and have built a larger location next door that has transformed their operations and added an updated and vibrant look to the Kakabeka business district. With the larger space and improved dispensary layout, they are able to efficiently offer more health services outside of just medication dispensing such as vaccine administration, health teaching and medication reviews. Kakabeka isn’t their only location, though. They have a pharmacy in Rosslyn as well, serving rural residents from Neebing to Slate River to Rosslyn. “Both locations have been a great place to work, in communities full of friendly, easy-going and grateful people. We’ve seen firsthand the difference that our accessible pharmacy services have made in improving healthcare for rural residents,” Henry beamed.

Residents from Kaministiquia, Murillo, Conmee, O'Connor, Neebing and Nolalu have joined the Kakabeka pharmacy and have only confirmed Tempelman and Myers’ observation that there was an enormous need for health services in these rural areas. “The appreciation has been amplified over the last couple months since we've moved into our new store. Everyone is so excited and grateful to see the investment in the community, and I always tell them how grateful we are for their continued support and business. It’s a great example of strong local community support for a locally owned business that’s committed to investing in the community. We are proud to be one of the few 100% locally owned and operated pharmacies in Thunder Bay,” said Henry.

The new location has been built with additional space for even more services to be brought to the area. In the left suite, Henry and Devon are very excited to welcome Norwest Community Health Centres to begin operations in September. “As accessible health professionals, our pharmacists receive a variety of health inquiries, including some that fall outside of our scope. Norwest is the perfect complement to build on health services in Kakabeka, with their variety of health professionals and resources at their disposal. We built the building in a way where the pharmacist and health professionals can connect through a back hallway to work collaboratively to improve patient health outcomes,”explained Henry. Also inside the pharmacy is ‘The Early Refill Coffee Café’ for which Devon and Henry received training to provide a high-quality cafe experience. Along with the coffee shop and pharmacy is a large gift shop area with items from local vendors and artisans including pottery, candles, bath products, clothing, artwork, fudge, maple syrup, spices and more. In the right side of the building Rapport Credit Union will be moving in. There will be a patio soon with outdoor seating and even a bike rack for cyclists.

“This is a huge step forward and a milestone moment for healthcare in the rural community”, added Henry.

Voted one of the top ten bake shops in Canada by Cottage Life Magazine, it’s no wonder the Metropolitan Moose Beanery & Cafe in Kakabeka receives visitors daily from all around the world. Owners Julia and Stephen Miles have also experienced an influx of Canadian travelers from all over the country this year. “While we can’t complain of being slow throughout COVID, it sure is nice to welcome back the tourists. The trend for this year seems to be from Germany!”, says Julia.

They are appreciative of the tourism and do things throughout the year to give back and show their appreciation for their support. Earlier this year, the Metro Moose held the “Buy A Cake For Ukraine” campaign and successfully raised $6,000 that was donated to a bakery just outside of Kiev. They also hold regular Cuban Dinners where guests pay $25 for a delectable 4-course meal and funds go towards purchasing roofs for houses in Cuba, hot water heaters, medical supplies and more.

Not only can you enjoy a variety of coffees, teas, specialty drinks and baked goods, but also fresh pies, pizza, coney dogs, salads, and even catering for large events! If you don’t have time for a wonderful day trip in Kakabeka, then not to worry - the Metro Moose can be enjoyed at the Thunder Bay Country Market as well.

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