Emey Hendricks & Russ Wakewich

September 2023

Emey Hendricks and Russ Wakewich’s love grew through a mutual love of travel and adventure. They have been together for almost eight years, and have covered a lot of distance in that time in their travels together.

Initially, the couple met at the Madhouse (Bay and Algoma) through mutual friends.

“We both have a huge love of food and celebration, and we usually go there every Friday with friends,” says Emey. “The Madhouse does seem to be the hub of it all on a Friday after work.”

The couple are not married, and they have found a system that works well for them where they live separately.

“We spend a ton of time together, but we live separately,” Emey explains. “It’s truly the best of both worlds!”

Emey is from Sault Ste. Marie but relocated to Thunder Bay in 1995 with her family. Russ was born and raised in Thunder Bay but has lived in Europe and Australia. Both love Thunder Bay and call it home.

One of the things the two love about living in Thunder Bay is the close proximity of the outdoors. Russ is an avid fisherman and Emey loves to kayak.

“On a Sunday, we’ll grab the kayaks and go explore one of the many beautiful lakes around the area,” says Emey. “We call it ‘Sunday Treasures.’”

“We also have a puppy named Charlie, and he’s the love of our lives. We include him in most of our outdoor adventures” Emey tells me.

Russ taught Geography/History at St. Ignatius high school for the bulk of his career, and has led many student tours to Europe and Australia.

Emey is a Talent Acquisition Specialist with IG Wealth Management and Development Manager of Our Kid’s Count a local charity that works with families to promote health and development including a community kitchen and parenting workshops.

Russ now leads adult tours to Europe and Emey often accompanies him.

“I was also approached to be a local tour guide for the Viking cruise ships,” adds Russ. “I lead bus and walking tours for cruise guests to visit some of the beautiful sights of our area like Kakabeka Falls or Fort William Historical Park.”

“Russ has taken me to various locations in Europe and Asia including my father’s hometown in Northern Italy,” says Emey. “He’s really opened the doors to travel for me, the same way he has his students. We look forward to exploring more of the world together in the near future.”

Cassandra Blair has a Masters of Arts in English Literature and is a regular contributor to Bayview.

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