Bouncing to the beat with Rebound Athletics

June 2024

Rebound Boots, also known as Fit Boots or Kangoo Jumps, have been steadily gaining popularity over the past couple of decades as a low-impact exercise option for those looking to get active without putting so much strain on their bodies.

“The main purpose of the boots was originally for rehabilitation purposes,” says Stephanie Kennedy-Almgren, one of the co-owners and instructors at Studio Bounce here in Thunder Bay. “The boots absorb so much of the impact of movement so they are easier on the joints.”

The boots utilize a spring-loaded system, inspired by the movement of kangaroos, to create a cushioned and bouncy surface.

“They help keep your body upright and open up your airway,” explains Stephanie.

Having never tried a class before, Stephanie kindly offered to let me give it a shot. My takeaway is that it’s a fun, high-energy, high-intensity workout that is comparable to Zumba. The music is pumping throughout the class and there are many dance elements to the workout. The boots look a bit intimidating, but they add a fun and dynamic element and don’t take long to get used to.

“It’s great for tightening and toning, and for endurance,” says Stephanie. “When I first started, I practiced for a month before teaching as I had to build the stamina to do the moves, shout instructions, and not lose my breath.”

Stephanie got her start in the city’s fitness scene ten years ago at Femme Fatale Pole Fitness Studio which was run by Katrina Dicks.

“I really liked the aerial stuff, it was great for upper-body strengthening,” says Stephanie. “Katrina learned about rebound boots and got connected to a distributor in Canada. A small group of us were able to get certified in instructing rebound classes in Thunder Bay.”

The pole fitness studio and rebound classes were put on hiatus when Katrina left town, so Stephanie teamed up with another instructor who she didn’t know very well at the time, Tanya Beswetherick, to resume running rebound classes on a regular basis.

The two have developed a great partnership and friendship over the years as they continue to work together co-owning Studio Bounce and instructing numerous classes a week, both morning and night.

“We are always accepting new clients, and the more you do it the more you get used to the boots and how they feel,” says Stephanie.

There are also fun challenges based around making positive changes in your life and on your wellness journey. The grand prize for the challenge winner is a brand new pair of rebound boots.

The classes are suitable for any fitness level, and definitely a fun and dynamic way to exercise. Find out more by checking out Studio Bounce - Rebound Aeorbics on Facebook.

Cassandra Blair has a Masters of Arts in English Literature and is a regular contributor to Bayview.

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