Connor Kilgour

Connor Kilgour is a local history enthusiast that has a fascination with the history of Thunder Bay and the Lakehead area

Recent Articles

The HMCS Thunder

Shipbuilding, especially military shipbuilding, is an often overlooked aspect of Thunder Bay’s industrial history.

The Gunilda

There have been many shipwrecks on Lake Superior over the years. To many, this statement is as obvious as saying the sky is blue.

Tugboats of the Lakehead

Since the later-half of the 1800’s tugboats have been a regular sight on the waterfront.

The HMCS Fort William

As the Second World War raged in the summer of 1941, the Canadian Navy was in the process of constructing dozens of warships to aid in the war effort.

The HMCS Port Arthur

On September 1st, 1939 the world went to war for the second time in fifty years when Germany invaded Poland. This would lead to Canada declaring war on Germany on September 10th.

Lost But Not Forgotten

For those who live on Lake Superior, November is a bad time to be on a boat.

Shipwrecked off Isle Royale

For those who sail on Lake Superior the waters can be a dangerous place.

The secret tunnels of Port Arthur

When thinking of iconic buildings in Thunder Bay, few buildings are as well known as the century old Prince Arthur Hotel, located at 17 Cumberland Street.

The secret tunnels of Port Arthur: Part 1

The Lakehead region has been host to many myths and legends over the centuries. Of these legends, there are ones that have been repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact.

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