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Donna White is an accomplished author and Jubilee Medal winner for her volunteer work with World Vision. Visit her website at

Recent Articles

Adorable alpacas

The Old Farmers’ Almanac tells us it’s going to be one long cold winter, which comes as no surprise considering how unusually cool and wet our summer was.

The joy of teaching

We all have a mental image of the ideal kindergarten teacher: a Mary Poppins look alike whose boundless energy and unending reserves of patience and good will outshine even those of Mother Teresa.

What the woods can teach us

Zack Kruzins sports three rope-like bracelets on his wrist, each representing a canoe trip he has taken in the past couple years. He points to the first thin blue one.

Of the North: Boreal Body Products

The theme “Buy Local” has been catching on in Thunder Bay for some time now.

An old tradition, new

Christmas. A time of memories revisited and traditions upheld year after year: the annual trip to fetch the tree, the hanging of familiar ornaments, and the savouring of Grandma’s Christmas cake.

Therapy in clay

3 Local Potters speak about their refreshing one-of-a-kind creations

Jack and Barbara Moro

The J.B. Evans couple recall their chance meeting, the Sadie Hawkins and their journey in love

David and the Bears

When David Traintinger opened the door to his log home in Nipigon, he looked exactly as I had imagined: an outdoorsy, no-frills, content-with-the-world sort of man.

Whispered dreams

The ranch experience helps youth appreciate the environment and nature.


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