Elsie Tranmer's glammed up lipstick line

Midway through high school, Elsie Tranmer like many young people admired the pin-up girl and pop-culture glamour fashionistas of the day.

Jack and Barbara Moro

The J.B. Evans couple recall their chance meeting, the Sadie Hawkins and their journey in love

Thunder Bay, You Say?

The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. The Empire State Building and Central Park. Night life and high fashion. Where Harry Met Sally and the Devil Wore Prada.

The carver's way

When Confederation College was removing the stumps of old spruce trees from their grounds the head of security contacted Stuart Mooney, who knew that Mooney could give the stump a new ‘life’-as art

Volunteers an army of angels

For most people, a hospital is a place that you try to avoid. Thankfully, there is a small army of angels who choose to be there to help those who have to be there.

Cheers to the Volunteers

Now that was a fantastic summer!

The weather was definitely on our side as the city came alive with so many exciting events.

Bush Pilots - Northwestern Ontario's lifeline

In today’s Canada, we enjoy good railway, road and aviation systems that traverse the country. We can ride the rail, drive or fly to almost any destination we wish.

Thunder Bay athletes qualify for world championship

Local athletes Natalie Lehto and Lyndsay Hupka have each qualified for the Xterra World Championships in Maui.

Shiraz international superstar!

Of all the old-world grapes that have made their way around the new world of winemaking, none has taken off as dramatically as the one the French call Syrah.

A bit of fit

I gave it an all-out effort, ignoring the obvious fashion faux pas of wearing a piece of rubber on my wrist (in black of course).


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