I do! Sue revisits the world of weddings

After a lengthy sojourn, I have had the opportunity to revisit the world of weddings.

Anything but Chardonnay!

Summer in Thunder Bay is short, precious and glorious.

Recycle that cycle!

Bicycles for Humanity gears up for new season

Rowing through the years

There are a variety of sports that I have always said I would like to try. Included on that list is rowing.

Evolution of a City - part 2

On January 1, 1970, the cities of Port Arthur and Fort William along with parts of the municipalities of Neebing and McIntyre amalgamated to form the City of Thunder Bay.

Thunder Bay's romance author makes Perfect Sense

Mark Twain once said ‘Write what you know.’ Local author Amanda Cowen has taken that advice to heart and has found success writing stories about friendship, relationships, romance and love.

The Pineville Heist

Carl Bailey is a Texas-based actor who flew to Thunder Bay for the premiere of The Pineville Heist, a labour of love for first-time feature film-maker and Confederation College professor, Lee Chamb

Demand grows for local food

The Squash Queen, Slate River Dairy and veg-e-tate Market Garden are just three of the many local producers that offer a cornucopia of delights.

Whispered dreams

The ranch experience helps youth appreciate the environment and nature.

The environmental fixers

Local scientists create kits to clean-up toxic sites.


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