Glen Darlow: Man's best friend's best friend

March 2021

If you have a rescue dog, chances are you’ve heard of Glen Darlow.

Glen began saving dogs in Northwestern Ontario communities when he started teaching at Big Trout Lake in 2012. When Glen arrived late that summer, one of the first things he noticed was the great number of homeless dogs roaming the area. With the lack of veterinary services and the high cost of dog food, many dogs were left to breed, roam, and fend for themselves. Wolves and annual cullings reduced the dog population but nothing existed to give man’s best friends the love and attention they well deserved.

As a dog lover, the situation hit Glen like a ton of bricks.

Using his own funds, Glen brought pallets of dog food up to the reserves to feed the dogs. He gave some to owners for their dogs and used the services of the planes to bring strays to Thunder Bay.

It wasn’t exactly easy.

Stray dogs were leery of Glen, and kept their distance even after being offered tasty treats of wild meat and dog food. At moments like this, Glen used his knowledge gained in Animal Communication courses and the dogs started to trust him. Watching him work with the dogs was like watching a scene in Dances with Wolves: Body posturing, carefully selected movements in tune with the dog’s own, followed by an almost instantaneous bond of sniffs and licks. It was nothing short of awesome.

When Glen moved to North Spirit and later to Sachigo Lake, he continued to rescue dogs and worked with Northern Lights and Paws for Love. Volunteers working with Glen marvelled at his energy. He doctored dogs suffering from knuckle down (rickets), and broken bones, tended to wounds from dog fights, traps, and snares, and immunized dogs from parvo and rabies, then sent them to Thunder Bay where they received further medical attention from Crossroads Veterinary Clinic and later adopted out to loving homes. Even
after good homes were found for the dogs, Glen kept in touch with the new owners, sharing tales of their dog’s rescue and commenting on how
happy he was to see the dogs get good homes.

As word got out about Glen’s animal skills and good heart, children and adults from the communities brought him injured and orphaned puppies and dogs, asking for his help. He became a Dr. Dolittle of sorts and he was loved by everyone for it.

Glen loved spending his evenings having a picnic by the lake with his dogs and the dogs on the reserve, giving them treats and enjoying their uncomplicated company. He cherished times when students came to visit him and his cats and dogs, sharing the homemade chocolate chip walnut cookies and banana muffins he was well known for.

In spring of 2020, Glen was diagnosed with leukemia and died eight months later. Even in his final days he made arrangements for the homeless dogs he had befriended in Sachigo to come to Thunder Bay.

In the eight years Glen worked up north he saved over 4000 dogs.

One can’t help but think of Glen as man’s best friend’s best friend. He gave unselfishly of his time and love and devoted his life to these dogs. A good day for him was when he could send a dog or puppy or two or more to Thunder Bay where he knew they would be given a good home with someone to love them. And each dog was given a name: Sachigo, Reggie, Hazel, Freda, Buck, Tucker, Dazzle…the list goes on and on. He’s a hero in many people’s – and dogs’ – eyes.

The people in Sachigo loved him so much that they requested that some of his ashes be sent back to them. His books were given to the town library and his clothes distributed to his students and friends – all in an attempt to keep a part of Glen with them.

People like Glen are few and far between. Glen lived his life to the maximum, helping whenever he could, loving every moment with his animals and the homeless dogs that gave
him full-hearted love. So, it won’t be refuted that on that day, when Glen left this earth, he was greeted by many tail wags from all of his friends in heaven.

After all, it’s what man’s best friend’s best friend deserved. Rest in peace, Glen. You are sadly missed.

Donna White is an accomplished author and Jubilee Medal winner for her volunteer work with World Vision. Visit her website at

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