Remembering Memory Lodge on beautiful Pine Bay

In 1935, Larry Baarts immigrated from his native Holland to Canada settling in what was then Fort William, Ontario. What appealed to him most were the wide open spaces of this region.

The Gunilda

There have been many shipwrecks on Lake Superior over the years. To many, this statement is as obvious as saying the sky is blue.

Respect, trust, care and professionalism

It’s September and a new generation of hopeful students are taking the first steps along their path to becoming a nurse. In Thunder Bay, that path has two starting points.

On the Wright track

These last two years have been difficult ones for school children because of the pandemic.

The unique history of Current River

Current River has grown up in the shadow of Port Arthur now Thunder Bay North.

The East End - where it all began

When we think back to the origins of Thunder Bay, what first comes to mind are visions of the annual Great Rendezvous where buckskin-clad voyageurs arrived at Fort William paddling their canoes lad

The making of Mariday Park

John James (JJ) Carrick (September 17, 1873 – May 11, 1966) was born and raised in Terre Haute, Indiana and educated at the University of Toronto. On December 20, 1899, he married Mary Day.

The story of Westfort

The Province of Canada’s Department of Crown Lands surveyed the southern bank of the Kaministiquia River west of the fur trading fort of Fort William during 1859-60.

The HMCS Fort William

As the Second World War raged in the summer of 1941, the Canadian Navy was in the process of constructing dozens of warships to aid in the war effort.

The HMCS Port Arthur

On September 1st, 1939 the world went to war for the second time in fifty years when Germany invaded Poland. This would lead to Canada declaring war on Germany on September 10th.


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