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When you’re searching for something, you never know how a little Bayview magazine can help.

The secret tunnels of Port Arthur

When thinking of iconic buildings in Thunder Bay, few buildings are as well known as the century old Prince Arthur Hotel, located at 17 Cumberland Street.

Recapturing historic glory

Thunder Bay’s downtown cores are home to some remarkable architectural gems that are often in need of champions with imagination and vision to bring them back to their original glory.

Keeping the light

In the spring of 2018, the Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior (CLLS) approached two Thunder Bay high schools with a very special request – that of building two lighthouses for the Alexander Henr

The secret tunnels of Port Arthur: Part 1

The Lakehead region has been host to many myths and legends over the centuries. Of these legends, there are ones that have been repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact.

Our Carnegie Library

There is not such a cradle of democracy upon the Earth as the Free Public Library – Andrew Carnegie

What's in a name

There is a lot of meaning in a name. Whether it is a place, person or pet, people generally put a lot of thought into names.

Are You Wearing Your Nylons?

It’s not certain when the name Nipigon Nylons was coined to describe those thick woolly grey and white work socks. What is known is that they have been around for generations.

On the carousel

Step on to the carousel and experience the sweet delight of childhood memories!

Going with the grain

The unveiling of an historical plaque sounds like it might be an event only interesting to an historian, but on a lovely summer day in late June, just outside of Western Grain Elevator (102 Kingsto


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