100 years of Trowbridge

A craggy rocky Island capped by a hardy boreal forest is rooted upon an eight acre, eighty-foot-high ridge that could be seen easily from the water if the First Nations dared challenge Lake Superio

A life devoted to dance

A dance studio owner must have the skills of a dancer, teacher, and entrepreneur all at once. Amelia Jackson (1904 - 1990) was one such rare talent.

Everything old is new

Planes, trains and automobiles. Oh yes, don’t forget streetcars, icebreakers and Hawker Hurricanes.

Lighting the way to safe navigation on Superior

Understanding the moods of Superior allows people to comprehend the mysterious sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald.

The original curbside pickup

It’s that day of the week again. Time to take the trash out to the curb for pickup. Thinking about it, garbage collection can be a thankless job. It’s certainly not prestigious.

The HMCS Thunder

Shipbuilding, especially military shipbuilding, is an often overlooked aspect of Thunder Bay’s industrial history.

Your weight free!

On December 22, 2021, a fire ripped through the Finnish Labour Temple building in Thunder Bay’s historic Bay & Algoma District, shocking the neighbouring community and devastating the century-o

The great springing forward debate

On March 13 of 2022, we performed the semi-annual ritual we both love and hate. We changed our clocks an hour.

Remembering Memory Lodge on beautiful Pine Bay

In 1935, Larry Baarts immigrated from his native Holland to Canada settling in what was then Fort William, Ontario. What appealed to him most were the wide open spaces of this region.

The Gunilda

There have been many shipwrecks on Lake Superior over the years. To many, this statement is as obvious as saying the sky is blue.


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