Opening up for love

I must admit that when I began searching through the various dog rescue websites late winter, I was a little hesitant.

A bird's best friend

Animals are Jenn Salo’s lifeline.

Heart of the Harbour

On a cool overcast morning in late November, the newly launched MV Federal Montreal passed gracefully through the breakwater and anchored in the Port of Thunder Bay awaiting cargo operations.

The Lakehead's Legacy of Shipbuilding

The Lakehead was built upon the industries that grew from its rich natural resources.

Lost But Not Forgotten

For those who live on Lake Superior, November is a bad time to be on a boat.

How Healthy is Housing?

Spring is always a good time to assess the health of our local housing market.

Thumbs Up!

Siskel & Ebert. Leonard Maltin. Gene Shalit. Ryan Mackett: TBay Movie Guy?

The Future is Green

It was a cold morning in February when I popped into the Thunder Bay Botanical Conservatory, and two things immediately stood out.

1) It was beautifully warm and tropical in there, and

Goggles and Glasses

Our ski community has always been populated by a rough and tumble group of renegades known to train hard and play even harder.

Cristian Cruz & Amanda Mejia

When she was nine years old, Amanda Mejia would call twelve-year-old Cristian Cruz on the phone week after week to chat about movies and shows that she had seen or other things going on in her life


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