The wines of home

Wine has been known since the dawn of civilization. The first thing Noah did after the flood was plant a vineyard and get drunk (Genesis IX: 20, 21).

Face and time

You may recall, many years ago now, I had a bathing suit my husband named “Big Blue.” My kids joke about this bathing suit to this day and nothing has quite replaced the suit in the bright blue hue

Egg pudding

When Ummul Begum moved to Canada from Bangladesh in 2008, she made sure she packed her favourite recipes, including the recipe her grandmother passed onto her: Egg Pudding.

Sleeping Giant Sommelier

Som·me·lier: noun, a wine steward.

Upcycled furniture

Styles change with the seasons, so keeping your home looking fresh and updated takes work.

Jesse and Tyrone

When Jess McArthur (Ludwig) adopted her puppy, Tyrone, through Paws for Love Dog Rescue Thunder Bay, she knew he was an awesome dog – but she didn’t know just how far his awesomeness would take him

NOWW LitFest 2023

It’s a milestone year for the Northwestern Ontario Writers Workshop (NOWW), as it celebrates both its inception as an organization and the creation of its International Writing Contest.

Selling Katie

“Fifteen-year-old Katie has met the perfect guy—handsome rich and just a little bit older. Skyler’s false veneer soon reveals a terrible darker side, but is it already too late?”

Lisa Marie DiGiacinto

It’s clear to see the same joyful attitude and enthusiasm in the life and career of actor Lisa Marie DiGiacinto.

Lighting the way to safe navigation on Superior

Understanding the moods of Superior allows people to comprehend the mysterious sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald.


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