Kristy Holmes and Robin Moss

When Kristy Holmes and her husband Robin Moss made the drive from the East Coast to Thunder Bay, they both spent the ride wondering where in the world they were going.

The secret tunnels of Port Arthur: Part 1

The Lakehead region has been host to many myths and legends over the centuries. Of these legends, there are ones that have been repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact.

Zach Kruzins: Such a nice day

There is something refreshing about Zack Kruzins.

Have camera, will travel

Lois Nuttall captures and shares what she sees around her. Using her camera as a pen, Lois tells the stories of Northwestern Ontario’s people and places.

Our time to shine

Have you noticed how we all seem to have an extra spring in our step as we enter the summer months.

The Great Chateaux of Bordeaux

Bordeaux, the wine capital of the world, is the source of a great range and variety of wines in all colours, styles and prices. (See Bayview September 2018).

Flour power

My latest obsession is watching the many versions of the Greatest Canadian, American or British Baking Show.

Into the Wonder

The smallest symphony orchestra in Canada is playing in the big leagues now.

A tribute to Jim Differ

On December 2, a packed house of friends, family, colleagues and admirers gathered at L.U’s Outpost to pay tribute to a truly remarkable person.

Talita Jolene

Big personality. Big voice. Big dreams.


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