Bakers to jewelry


Joan Loveday and Carmen Wheeler are the best of friends and have woven their personal creativity into an innovative business called Jewel-Re-Art.

Power to the people

We had a positive reaction to the “Boomtown” article in the summer issue of Bayview where we gave some attention to the numerous construction projects in the area that are injecting not just millio

He's got it covered!

The word ‘upholstery’ comes from the Middle English word ‘upholder,’ and refers to an artisan who held up, (or upheld) the tapestries on castle walls in Europe.

Fitness for new moms, pottery and an alcohol-free meeting place Local entrepreneurs bring us new ideas and creations

Oakenfold Strength and Training

A busy port makes for a busy agent

Thunder Bay’s crucial and strategic location at the head of the Great Lakes, situated in the middle of North America, accentuates the community’s distinction as a unique economic hub providing the

Breastmilk, Macremé and the Craft Hive

Milk Matters

Keeping watch over our financial system

One of the topics at the top of nearly everyone’s mind these days is interest rates.

New ideas buzz along with custom creations

finn and mingo

Kakabeka Business District continues to expand

The business hub of Kakabeka Falls continues to expand with new offerings to service the growing rural population.

From health recruiting tools to old school pinball

The Tilted Turret is an arcade pub bringing the pinball experience to Thunder Bay.


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