Trevor Hurtig talks holiday music

One thing that sets a tone for the holiday season is music.

Making music and memories

“When my husband Ed retired, he found out about this group called the Senior Music Makers,” says Nell Shermack. “He went to a practise one day and when I got home from work, I asked how it went.

The Elvis Collector

One of the biggest movie releases of the past few months is the biographical drama ‘Elvis’.

“Music is an extension of my personality”

June is Pride Month, a celebration of inclusion, colour and music that everyone can enjoy.

Basking in the glow of music

Picking just five songs to have on a desert island was much harder than it initially sounded. There’s a good chance I’ve overlooked some obvious choices, but decisions had to be made.

The festive five

When it comes to Christmas, few in our city would have a deeper knowledge of what evokes the warmest feelings than Marjorie Knutson.

TBSO Season 60

“We have something wonderful here. Our orchestra is a gemstone in our Boreal culture,” Arts reviewer Michael Sobota said of the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra.

The fave five

In our summer issue, musician Danny Johnson shared the songs he would take with him if cast away on a desert island. Music tastes are deeply personal and the window into someone’s soul.

Surfing into the Canadian music scene

The hit song ‘Two Heads’ by Thunder Bay’s Coleman Hell always manages to catch my attention with it’s opening line, ‘There must be something in the water’.

Taking pause

We are certainly living in strange days.


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