Carolyn Karle turns her grief into power

Carolyn Karle has an indomitable spirit.

Bonnie Buck - the animal massage therapist

If you have a horse, dog or cat, you more than likely know or have heard of Bonnie Buck.

Environmentally friendly businesses of Thunder Bay

We’re very well aware of the negative effects the pandemic has created in our lives, but have you stopped to consider some of the positive changes that have happened to our environment since Covid

Silver Mountain Food Group


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Goods and Co. Market’s successful holiday opening

Goods & Co. launched in the iconic former Eaton’s building just in time for Christmas season in 2021 and people seem to have been loving it ever since.

Student lighthouse project takes shape

Walking into the woodworking shop at Hammarskjold High School was like returning to my shop class from many years ago.

Education is the gateway to prosperity

Bassie Kargbo remembers every inch of his four-mile walk to school when he lived in Sierra Leone: the rise and fall of the land, the fields where the cattle grazed, and the huts along the way, but

A 'seasonal project' grows to address a year-round need

At Roots to Harvest there is no typical day.

A Superior brand of sunshine

The regional airwaves just won’t be the same without the musical modulation and lyrical laughter of Lisa Laco.

Mindful Makers Collective

While food and drink are the sustenance for our body, art is what sustains the soul and the heart.


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