Goggles and Glasses

Our ski community has always been populated by a rough and tumble group of renegades known to train hard and play even harder.

How sweet it is

There are few things more Canadian than maple syrup and our area is fast becoming known for harvesting the very best.

Lifting made easy

Anyone who has tried to install or simply lift a granite countertop knows it’s not an easy task.

Of the North: Boreal Body Products

The theme “Buy Local” has been catching on in Thunder Bay for some time now.

A breath of fresh air

For June Bjorn Boyer, hanging out the laundry just became a lot simpler thanks to her new patented invention.

Making a Better Rock Hammer

Local Inventor Dave Pykari’s latest creation

After 16 years of working in mining exploration, Dave Pykari cut upwards of 50,000 meters of drill cores.

Elsie Tranmer's glammed up lipstick line

Midway through high school, Elsie Tranmer like many young people admired the pin-up girl and pop-culture glamour fashionistas of the day.

Need to tear apart molecules?

Scott Butcher does it right here

The environmental fixers

Local scientists create kits to clean-up toxic sites.

Wetsling solution

Local Inventor Jay Caldwell creates a solution for those with shoulder injuries

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