Wild Thyme

With both a dine-in option as well as an affordable “heat and eat” meal preparation and delivery service, Wild Thyme is yet another must-try addition to the Thunder Bay culinary scene.

Carlito's Game Cafe

“I believe that gaming has been a positive influence in my life and I owe a lot to it.

Border Giant

Border Giant was originally a technology start-up with plans to automate the process of importing and exporting materials and products for local businesses.

Hang Airing out the Laundry, One Clip at a Time

There’s no denying it – there’s something special about the smell of laundry fresh from the line.

Local entrepreneur launches a new line of furniture

You never know where the next big trend in design will come from, but for one local entrepreneur, his Scandinavian inspired furniture line could just be the one.

Goggles and Glasses

Our ski community has always been populated by a rough and tumble group of renegades known to train hard and play even harder.

How sweet it is

There are few things more Canadian than maple syrup and our area is fast becoming known for harvesting the very best.

Lifting made easy

Anyone who has tried to install or simply lift a granite countertop knows it’s not an easy task.

Of the North: Boreal Body Products

The theme “Buy Local” has been catching on in Thunder Bay for some time now.

A breath of fresh air

For June Bjorn Boyer, hanging out the laundry just became a lot simpler thanks to her new patented invention.


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