Wild Thyme

March 2022

With both a dine-in option as well as an affordable “heat and eat” meal preparation and delivery service, Wild Thyme is yet another must-try addition to the Thunder Bay culinary scene.

Owners Christina Lane and Joe Fleury originally started in a Victoriaville mall kiosk, then a place on Victoria Avenue. “It wasn’t until the first Covid19 lockdown that made us think outside the box on how to maintain providing our meals to the local market without having a dine-in option. We came up with the idea of a Heat & Eat program where people can get ready-made meals that they can freeze or place in the refrigerator and when they are hungry, just Heat & Eat!”, said Clint Fleury

The meals weren’t originally marketed to a certain demographic, but Christina and Joe found themselves receiving orders from the senior population and from caregivers of seniors. The price of Wild Thyme’s meals range from $5 - $12 each and they are delivered to customers – some of whom say the portions are generous enough that they can’t finish a meal in one sitting. As the co-owner and Chef, Joe Fleury, has extensive experience in the food service industry and lets his passion for flavours shine in the meals at Wild Thyme.

Customers can order online and have the meals packaged in microwavable containers or vacuum-sealed bags.

In the coming months, Wild Thyme will be opening up their licensed patio with an outdoor bar and live performances by local artists and musicians. For more information
go to www.wildthymetbay.ca

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