Border Giant

March 2022

Border Giant was originally a technology start-up with plans to automate the process of importing and exporting materials and products for local businesses. With COVID-19 prompting the closure of the border and a rising need for a parcel pickup service, Border Giant switched gears and became a licensed customs broker & parcel service.

Fast forward to Spring 2022 and Border Giant is getting back to their original plan: helping local businesses import materials and ship finished products across the border faster, more efficiently and cheaper. Canadian product-based businesses are at an enormous disadvantage when compared to their US counterparts. If a customer from Texas orders a candle from Thunder Bay, Canada Post would cost $25 to ship the candle and take 9 days to deliver it. If the business owner drove the candle to the border, filled all the customs paper work and shipped it through United States Postal Service (USPS), it would cost $15 and take 2 days to ship. With Border Giant’s technology and their status with USPS as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA), now Thunder Bay business owners can simply set up an account with Border Giant online and bring their sold products to the warehouse where they will be taken to the border to be shipped via USPS.

With Border Giant’s new software development, local Canadian businesses can ship products to the USA up to 80% cheaper, 5x faster and way easier.

This new exporting software is set to start testing in March or April. Anyone who is interested in using this service or testing it can register on the Border Giant website and follow Border Giant on social media for information & updates!

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