Local Gem

Louise Thomas

Owner and curator of Ahnisnabae Art Gallery, Louise Thomas fills its walls with beautiful artwork with intent to honour and inspire all generations.

Mary-Jean Cormier

From Mariday Park to Miles Street, CBC’s Mary-Jean Cormier has crossed Canada shining a spotlight on people and issues from all areas of the country, looking for stories to share.

In a pickle

Is it tennis? Is it racquetball? Ping pong? All of the above? It’s pickleball, and it’s the fastest growing sport in Canada.

100 years of the Port Arthur Health Centre

Dr John Pratt came to Port Arthur in 1904 and practiced alone as was the custom in those days.

In praise of the paper carrier

Before I was born, my dad, Archie Angus, held one of the favourite jobs of his life – that of the Circulation Manager of the Fort William Times Journal newspaper in the 1940’s. I was born in 1957.

Wilma Wood

We often think of buildings as inanimate objects, places that provide the backdrop to our lives, but a building that serves it’s community is much more than just brick and mortar.

From Strange NEW Worlds to the great white north

“The first role I ever had was a kindergarten production of Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” says actor Teddy Kellogg with a grin. “Apparently, I had the best ‘HO HO HO!”

A second chance well lived

Ruth Chapman knows that life isn’t just for existing, but for living. She knows that each day is precious and should be seized and lived to its fullest.

From prairie town to falling waters

“When I was young and we’d have company, my mother would say, ‘Oh Enid, would you play Falling Waters for us?’ Well, she said it in front of the company! What can I do?

Pasta, salami, and a guy named Pasquale

An icon of the Thunder Bay theatre scene, Jo-Ann Waytowich is back and bolder than ever, bursting from stage to screen with her beloved character, Ivanka.


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