Local Gem

Jann Starr shines bright

On a recent winter’s day, after digging my car out of the snow, I headed across town to meet up with Jan Starr.

For Laurie Chandler - Home is Where the Heart Is

Visual artist Laura (Laurie) Chandler met me in her mother’s comfortable apartment in Thunder Bay.

Susan Dykstra: Storyteller and Photographer strives to evoke

The stunning landscape photograph that caught your eye on the cover of this issue of Bayview (and every issue since Winter 2008) was taken by Susan Dykstra, a landscape photographer born and raised

Have camera, will travel

Lois Nuttall captures and shares what she sees around her. Using her camera as a pen, Lois tells the stories of Northwestern Ontario’s people and places.

Making movement matter

It was one of the coldest January mornings at -32C but that didn’t stop the Rock Steady Boxing participants from making their way to the gym.

The Landscapes and Myths of our Lives

“The arts have the power to break down boundaries and bring us to the places of humanity and connection,” says Thunder Bay’s Eleanor Albanese. “If I had a mantra, it would be that.”

Making the miles matter

No matter how you keep track - miles, kilometres, or steps - Eli Jacko has covered lots of ground. He is a tireless community leader who inspires others with his positive actions.

Cycling's dynamic duo

On a warm Wednesday evening I drove my car to meet up with Kate Tinkler and Pam Dawes at the mustering point for their Women on Wheels (WOW) cycling group.

Inspiration at the wheel

I can still remember that road trip. Anna Grenier picked me up in her 1988 Mercury Cougar, to drive down to an international volunteer management conference in Minneapolis back in the 1990’s.

Keith Taylor: There's always enough time in a day

I made arrangements to catch up with Keith Taylor on a beautiful autumn day at a local coffee shop. Keith met me outside. He had driven his car there but had been tempted to ride his motorcycle.


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