Local Gem

Cycling's dynamic duo

On a warm Wednesday evening I drove my car to meet up with Kate Tinkler and Pam Dawes at the mustering point for their Women on Wheels (WOW) cycling group.

Inspiration at the wheel

I can still remember that road trip. Anna Grenier picked me up in her 1988 Mercury Cougar, to drive down to an international volunteer management conference in Minneapolis back in the 1990’s.

Keith Taylor: There's always enough time in a day

I made arrangements to catch up with Keith Taylor on a beautiful autumn day at a local coffee shop. Keith met me outside. He had driven his car there but had been tempted to ride his motorcycle.

Top of her class

When I walked into Dolores Kivi’s home I immediately knew that I was surrounded by love. Dolores’ bookshelves were full and the sounds of The Tennessee Waltz played in the background.

Andrew Koscielniak: Movement is Medicine – after life altering events

For Andrew Koscielniak, encouraging people to be fit and active is his passion.

Thunder Bay Gem, National Treasure!

When I asked award-winning international correspondent Michael Dick if he’d like to be featured as our Spring Thunder Bay Gem, he laughed out loud.

Volunteers an army of angels

For most people, a hospital is a place that you try to avoid. Thankfully, there is a small army of angels who choose to be there to help those who have to be there.

The Community Crew

I caught up with Jeff Thingstad at a coffee shop.

Carol Kajorinne - forging her own path

Carol Kajorinne is a multidisciplinary artist building a career in the arts.

Taking the plunge

Warren Giertuga takes the Special Olympics Fundraiser to a new level


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