Publisher's Note

We got it right

Our marina has evolved into a magnificent place for the community to gather.

The kindness of neighbours

In a rare act of spontaneity I decided to finally hang white lights on the giant 50+ foot spruce tree in my front yard.

Shop local matters

One of my biggest fears about Covid is that our local business community might be steamrolled by large online retailers who do little to help our community function and flourish.

Look to the Lake

One of my favourite views in the city is found on my regular drive down Red River Road near High Street.

Time to Fall in

Good things can only last so long, so we must say goodbye to the summer fun and usher in a new season as our kids and grandkids trade-in their flip flops for running shoes and those loose schedules

Our time to shine

Have you noticed how we all seem to have an extra spring in our step as we enter the summer months.

Spring is in the air

There is nothing more uplifting than recognizing the sure signs of spring.

Are you ready?

I’m always amazed at how swiftly the transition between fall and winter can be.

The 150 Summer

The warmer weather is here and the summer event schedule seems a little more vibrant than usual as we get ready to celebrate Canada’s 150th year.

The Land of 1000 Restaurants...well, almost

Does anyone eat at home anymore? Italian, Chinese… Syrian you say? Thunder Bay’s burgeoning restaurant scene offers hundreds of new choices.


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