Look to the Lake

March 2020

One of my favourite views in the city is found on my regular drive down Red River Road near High Street.

As I travel towards downtown the majestic combination of the water, sky and the sleeping giant never fail to awaken my senses.

Over the years the view has been captured by many artists including arguably the most famous version by painter Dick Spooner. His version is widely held and displayed in homes and offices across the city and by those who live elsewhere as a reminder of where their heart still remains.

This time of year as the water, ice and sun dance together the harbour shows the unmistakable signs that spring is on the way.

This issue we focus on the lake, the industries that play a role in its history and some marvelous ships that operate within the beautiful and at times unforgiving waters.

Enjoy the spring issue and please support our advertisers who help make every issue possible.

Dorothy Christie, Publisher

Dorothy Christie is the Publisher of Bayview.

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