20 years of enjoying the view

November 2022

Wow, that was quick! This issue marks the 20th Anniversary of Bayview Magazine and we’re so thankful for your support and encouragement.

One of the questions I’m asked most often is how did we get started?

Bayview simply began as a conversation with my brother Bill Wrightsell who felt that Thunder Bay had it’s share of media outlets that focused on news, but no one was really telling stories about the multitude of extraordinary people that live here. With some optimism and lots of enthusiasm we decided to jump head first into producing our first issue under the premise that we would continue the magazine until we stopped having fun.

20 years later here we are, still having fun and still uncovering new discoveries and amazing people.

I must pay tribute to the many talented writers and contributors that have written and helped us along the way including Heather Dickson, Donna White, Paul Inksetter, Sue Prodaniuk, Cassandra Blair and so many more too numerous to mention. Your work and watchful eye have kept our vision intact.

And we must also thank our advertisers who continue to make every issue possible. Cheers to you all and Happy Holidays!

Dorothy Christie, Publisher

Dorothy Christie is the Publisher of Bayview.

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