Our time to shine

June 2019

Have you noticed how we all seem to have an extra spring in our step as we enter the summer months.

Every day is precious from the beautiful sunrise over the Sleeping Giant to the last few minutes of daylight setting late into the night sky. I don’t want to waste a minute.

In this issue we celebrate some ex-pats that annually return to bask in the treasures of our area during the summer months.

Plus, when historical writer Connor Kilgour floated an idea for an article on the legend of tunnels under some of our famous downtown hotels, I answered with an enthusiastic yes! It turns out we actually need to make his article a two part series. We’ve heard the rumours for years but Connor uncovers some of the truths.

Enjoy this issue of Bayview, be good to our visitors and bask in the pleasure of a Thunder Bay summer.


 Dorothy Christie, Publisher

Dorothy Christie is the Publisher of Bayview.

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