Hang Airing out the Laundry, One Clip at a Time

June 2021

There’s no denying it – there’s something special about the smell of laundry fresh from the line. It’s cost-effective, deeply satisfying, and it’s experiencing a comeback in line with today’s modern environmental sensibilities. That’s where June Bjorn Boyer and her patented HangAir Clips comes in.

“I got the inspiration about 25 years ago, while raising my two teenage daughters. Teens generate a lot of laundry!” says Bjorn Boyer. “Electric dryers tended to shrink and ruin clothes, so the only alternative to delicate clothing was an outside line. The next problem was clothespins causing wrinkling and stretching no matter how neatly the clothes were hung. Piling into a laundry basket made more wrinkles. There had to be a better way!”

But a good idea needs more than just the inventor. It needs people with expertise to help bring the idea to reality. 10 years ago, Bjorn Boyer explained the problem and her idea to her son-in-law, a Design Engineer and CEO of Squint Product Design. He recognized the idea as a solution to a very common problem. He designed the HangAir clip, produced the CAD drawings, and worked with the manufacturer. Six years later, Bjorn Boyer had HangAir clips on all her hangers.

“The idea would not have gotten very far without his expertise,” says Bjorn Boyer. “It would still only be in my imagination.”

Bjorn Boyer patented the idea in 2017 and has a healthy distribution network locally, through word of mouth, Facebook, and local retailers. When CBC Radio did an interview, a local radio personality became interested in HangAir, as did an Internet Influencer.

“I don’t have the expertise nor resources to market HangAir internationally,” says Bjorn Boyer. “It is a brilliant idea that has solved the laundry problem. With that in mind, it’s time for HangAir to find that perfect person who knows how to run with it; maybe an Internet marketing specialist, or someone who wants to travel the country meeting with the mighty retailers and having a very exciting time with it. HangAir is ready to grow, it just needs the right entrepreneur.”

With people becoming more energy-conscious these days, they want to limit using expensive energy-wasting dryers and are looking to outside clotheslines as a way to save money while promoting energy conservation. Dryers tend to ruin material and shrink clothing, especially delicate, expensive women’s attire. Plus, there’s something organic about clothing dancing in the breeze and airing in the sunshine. The smell of fresh air lingers in the closet. It feels a healthier way of cleaning and wearing clothing.

“Using HangAir clips results in using less space,” she says. “The clothing hangs vertically instead of horizontally, so you save space. You don’t need a long line - a short portable line would work anywhere, even on a balcony. You also don’t need a laundry basket. You simply clip the hangers off the line and hang them directly in your closet. And if it rains, you can simply transfer them directly to your closet, and they can finish drying there.”

Locally, HangAir Clips can be found at The Loop, JB Evans, Authentique Gift Shop and Marcia’s Merle Norman, or check them out online at www.Prettymodernproducts.com or www.HangAirClip.com. And, if in Thunder Bay, June will personally deliver to your door.

“All I can say is, try it, you will like it!”

Heather L. Dickson is a photoshop guru, zoologist and author of 6 novels.

Visit her website at www.hleightondickson.com

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