Heather L. Dickson

Heather L. Dickson is a photoshop guru, zoologist and author of 6 novels.

Visit her website at www.hleightondickson.com

Recent Articles

Upcycled furniture

Styles change with the seasons, so keeping your home looking fresh and updated takes work.

NOWW LitFest 2023

It’s a milestone year for the Northwestern Ontario Writers Workshop (NOWW), as it celebrates both its inception as an organization and the creation of its International Writing Contest.

Selling Katie

“Fifteen-year-old Katie has met the perfect guy—handsome rich and just a little bit older. Skyler’s false veneer soon reveals a terrible darker side, but is it already too late?”

Lisa Marie DiGiacinto

It’s clear to see the same joyful attitude and enthusiasm in the life and career of actor Lisa Marie DiGiacinto.

The snuggle is real

It’s winter in Thunder Bay, and baby, it’s cold outside.

Tarantella to Thunder Bay

“I want to tell you the greatest story I know. It begins with my Nonna and this old, blue suitcase.”

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The holiday season is just around the corner, and Thunder Bay is alive with celebrations.

From Strange NEW Worlds to the great white north

“The first role I ever had was a kindergarten production of Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” says actor Teddy Kellogg with a grin. “Apparently, I had the best ‘HO HO HO!”


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