Heather L. Dickson

Heather L. Dickson is a photoshop guru, zoologist and author of 6 novels.

Visit her website at www.hleightondickson.com

Recent Articles

Marley in the Mountain

Hiking is a part of life for many Thunder Bay families, and with the Nor’wester Mountains an integral part of our local landscape, mountain hikes are a natural part of summer enjoyment.

Life is better with a good cup of tea

“It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.” ― Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

Our own backyard

Winter is long, and Thunder Bay residents are adept at making the most of our short, sweet summer.

Taylorpedia: social mind, giant heart

In her signature pork-pie fedora, Taylor Gorrie is a girl on a mission. A mission to find Thunder Bay’s Best kid friendly establishments!

A new landscape for Strawberry Hill

A screech owl with wide, popped eyes. Delicate snowbirds with flowers on their backs. Folksy mice with alert, quizzical stances.

Thumbs Up!

Siskel & Ebert. Leonard Maltin. Gene Shalit. Ryan Mackett: TBay Movie Guy?

Snapshots of Water and Memory

The lake, the trees, the island, the sky. Every morning on the shores of Lake Superior, Marion Agnew snaps a picture of the scene outside her window.

Home FUR the Holidays

Thunder Bay is famously known for The Incredible Journey, the beloved novel by author Sheila Burnford, of two dogs and a cat that make a 250-mile trek through the Northern Ontario wilderness to fin

Christmas Crafts & Winter Markets

Tallin, Budapest, Strasbourg, Vienna. Winter Markets and Christmas Craft Fairs are booming all over the world, sometimes transforming tiny European towns into prime tourist destinations.

The healing power of paws

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong.”
– Unknown


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