Cassandra Blair

Cassandra Blair has a Masters of Arts in English Literature and is a regular contributor to Bayview.

Recent Articles

A Farndale Ladies’ Christmas Carol

The unforgettable ladies from the Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society, last seen in Cambrian Players’ 2017 production of The Farndale Murder Mystery, are back!

Peter & Julie McKenna

In 1988, when he was in his late-twenties, Peter McKenna spent a year travelling the world on his bicycle.

Chris and Lesley Allison

Chris and Lesley Allison arrived in Thunder Bay from Ireland in 1975 – their first glimpse of the city punctuated by mounds of snow and frigid January air.

Susan Dykstra: Storyteller and Photographer strives to evoke

The stunning landscape photograph that caught your eye on the cover of this issue of Bayview (and every issue since Winter 2008) was taken by Susan Dykstra, a landscape photographer born and raised

Kristy Holmes and Robin Moss

When Kristy Holmes and her husband Robin Moss made the drive from the East Coast to Thunder Bay, they both spent the ride wondering where in the world they were going.

Laurie Young and Kevin Hurdis

“Love is friendship set on fire,” is a quote that seems particularly fitting when it comes to the love story of Laurie Young and Kevin Hurdis.

One Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam

In 2007, both Matthew and Heleena Stephens found themselves working in the same hotel in Amsterdam.

Ken and Nancy Jacobson

Ken and Nancy Jacobson like to joke that the first time they met, they were paired together because of their height.

Tanis and Doug Boardman

For much of her teen years and into her twenties, Tanis Boardman traveled around the world as a professional figure skater.

Tree planting date turns into a long lasting relationship

Eighteen years ago, powerhouse activist and singer-songwriter Shy-Anne Hovorka met her husband Ben Bartlett while they were working on a tree plant in Red Lake.


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