Karen Christie

Karen Christie is a retired high school teacher and a regular contributor to Bayview. She can be reached at kchri@shaw.ca

Recent Articles

Celebrate a Green Christmas

Developing new habits takes discipline—a conscious effort to really make a change.

Local author Diana Sare

One of my favourite things to do is to read with my grandchildren. And this is exactly what I did recently while I was visiting with my son’s family.

Dementia Café: A place to belong

The Dementia Café is a brilliant concept! It’s a safe and friendly environment for people living with dementia and their care partners.

On the carousel

Step on to the carousel and experience the sweet delight of childhood memories!

Going with the grain

The unveiling of an historical plaque sounds like it might be an event only interesting to an historian, but on a lovely summer day in late June, just outside of Western Grain Elevator (102 Kingsto

The Founder's Museum

Stepping into the Upsala Train Station at the Founders’ Museum and Pioneer Village, I was transported back in time to the interesting and colourful past of the area.

And there goes summer...

Closing up the cabin, trailer, camp, cottage or whatever you call that lovely place where you spend the halcyon days of summer is a bittersweet time. How do we know when that time arrives?

Thunder Bay’s Klown Band - spreading joy and laughter for over 70 years

The Klown Band has been going strong since the early 40’s, and there is a reason for that! I attended two performances, and they were pure magic!

Giant Fun

Local Gymnastics facility fosters discipline, confidence and the ability to overcome

Dancing in the Bay

Dance is a fabulous physical and emotional expression that can span all ages, and Thunder Bay offers all kinds of dance from competitive to just plain fun.


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