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The wines of home

As we northerners struggle through our long, cold winter, that paradise on our west coast looms large in our consciousness.

The wines of home

Above Niagara Falls and its escarpment, the great high plane of southwestern Ontario stretches westerly to Lake Huron and the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers.

The wines of home: Niagara

The Niagara Peninsula lies where the western end of Lake Ontario overlaps the eastern end of Lake Erie.

The wines of home

Wine has been known since the dawn of civilization. The first thing Noah did after the flood was plant a vineyard and get drunk (Genesis IX: 20, 21).

Bubbles galore!

Through the Christmas and New Year holiday season – and on so many other festive occasions throughout the year – we want to celebrate with wine that embodies all the fun, frolic and frivolity that

New York, New York!

With all the excitement over the great wines coming from the American west coast – California, Washington, Oregon – it is easy to overlook the third largest American producer on the other side of t

Beyond California

While California lies at the beating heart of winemaking in the United States, in both quantity and quality, there are other centres of excellence worth exploring.

California dreaming

Historically, wine emerged from the old world – Europe and the Middle East; today it flows from all around the world.

All I want for Christmas...wines that define the occasion

Most wine, most of the time, is an enjoyable adjunct of a good meal and social occasion. Occasionally, the wine is special and becomes the focal point of the evening’s conversation.

Go to the mountain

Of Italy’s many great red wines, Brunello di Montalcino from the heart of Tuscany is one that vies for the title Greatest of them All.


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