Bill Wrightsell

Bill Wrightsell is a marketing consultant and regular contributor to Bayview Magazine. Email him at

Recent Articles

Keeping a Timeless Trade Alive

At the heart of every successful business is someone passionate about what they do.

How sweet it is

There are few things more Canadian than maple syrup and our area is fast becoming known for harvesting the very best.

Recapturing historic glory

Thunder Bay’s downtown cores are home to some remarkable architectural gems that are often in need of champions with imagination and vision to bring them back to their original glory.

Lifting made easy

Anyone who has tried to install or simply lift a granite countertop knows it’s not an easy task.

Thunder Bay's first trails app

It’s a fascinating local success story that reads like it could have come straight from an episode of Dragon’s Den – two local Confederation College forestry students discovered a need and develope

We're #12!

One of the most discussed Bayview articles over the years involved articles on our city’s ranking in the annual Demographia Home Affordability report.

Coffee Roaster Revs Up Demand

It’s been probably 25 years since Jamie Nichols and I connected.

Saucy sensation

Creating something special in a crowded food industry marketplace is not an easy task.

Accomplished musician Pierre Schryer says goodbye

After 18 years in Thunder Bay, award winning fiddler Pierre Schryer is saying goodbye with a little help from his friends in a farewell performance at the Community Auditorium on Saturday, June 23r

Music is in his Bones

I was fortunate enough to attend the Rock and Roll Induction Ceremony in Cleveland in April and shortly after arriving I went to dinner at a restaurant and passed a table of three fellows that look


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