Tish Iceton, a voice for true crime

September 2023

During the 80’s and 90’s, Tish Iceton was a fixture on local radio. Iceton came to town as the host of the afternoon show on 1230 CJLB in 1981. In 1989 she moved to Dougall Media, first as midday host on CKPR, then morning host/program director at 94 FM. Tish returned to CKPR in 1991 where she spent the next 10 years as host of the morning show. After garnering a strong following locally, Iceton set her sights on Toronto where she has been heard for the last 20 years on stations like 97.3 EZROCK, Jazz FM and for over 17 years on Rogers owned and top ranked 98.1 CHFI with over 4 million listeners weekly.

“I was only planning to stay in Thunder Bay for one year when I landed here”, said Iceton, “but everyone was so welcoming and kind, I still have the ‘how to cook a turkey‘ letter a listener sent me when I had mentioned on-air that I’d never cooked a turkey before! It’s where I met my husband of 30 plus years, we had 2 children, lots of friends and awesome neighbours, so my 1 year turned into 20. Thunder Bay was so good to me. I still maintain many friendships and I try to return every year to reconnect. This year we were lucky enough to spend a week at Loon Lake with our daughter who flew in from California”, says Iceton.

While her radio career excelled in Toronto, she began pursuing voice acting which lead to opportunities to narrate such high profile projects as ‘The Humboldt Current’ a 3 part documentary that aired on HBO, ‘Guardians of The North’ a 6 part series that tells the heroic stories of firefighters in Western Canada, as well as several true crime series including ‘Fear Thy Neighbor’, ‘A Time To Kill’, ‘Passport To Murder’ and ‘My Paranormal Nightmare’.

Fear Thy Neighbor has been a big hit with American audiences becoming the 2nd most watched show on the Investigation Discovery Network in the U.S. “I’ve been told the show actually has a larger audience than CNN in prime time when new episodes debut” says Iceton. Local viewers can watch Fear thy Neighbor on Crave, CTV, CTV2 and the CTV Life Channel.
Iceton recalls avoiding submitting the audition for Fear Thy Neighbor when her agent first sent it to her back in 2014,

“I kept ignoring the request from the show’s producer until finally I got a call from my agent to say they really wanted me to audition”, said Iceton. She joined the true crime show as narrator for season 2. “You never know if Investigation Discovery is going to pick up the series for another season or not, so it’s always exciting when I get an email from the director confirming that we’re a go for a new season, and here we are at season 9!” Iceton masterfully narrates the true crime story lines, which feature actors reenacted conflicts between neighbours that can’t get along. “My role is to introduce the neighbours and lead the viewer through the story as their ‘lovely neighbourhood’ becomes a battleground with tragic results”, shares Iceton.

“People absolutely love the show. Some fans are rabid about it, tweeting non-stop when the new episodes air. I was forwarded a message recently from one viewer that posted, ‘Tish Iceton scares the h*ll out of me’.

It’s kind of funny that after all my years of being on the radio, this may be what I am going to be most noted for.”

The 9th season of Fear thy Neighbor is set to debut on Investigation Discovery (ID) in the U.S. in October.

Bill Wrightsell is a marketing consultant and regular contributor to Bayview Magazine. Email him at wrightselladto@rogers.com

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