Donna White

Donna White is an accomplished author and Jubilee Medal winner for her volunteer work with World Vision. Visit her website at

Recent Articles

Quick, easy and tasty!

In recognition of those of us who struggle to put a quick meal on the table, this season’s Bayview recipes are just for you.

The life-changing world of animal rescue

If you, or someone you know has a dog, chances are it’s a rescue.

Candy cane cookies

Pat Rodgers has many fond memories about her childhood Christmases but the candy cane cookies her mom baked are definitely one of her favourites, and for several reasons.

The big boreal adventure

Marilyn Grudniski is on a mission to bring kids up close and personal with nature right here in Thunder Bay – and she’s doing it with style.

Lazy person's sauerkraut

Lesya Gowriluk admits her recipe for sauerkraut has its drawbacks. Although very easy to prepare, it doesn’t earn her any nods of approval for hard work from her Ukrainian relatives.

John Pringle

There’s a lot more to John Pringle than a captivating smile. He has seen the world, read many a book, and draws you in with his wisdom and thoughtfulness only seconds after saying hello.

Have wings, will fly

Jenn Salo has a dream and it has wings.

Helpful hints and tips for any cook

This season’s Bayview Magazine recipe is taking on a different twist.

Gone to the dogs

There’s a lot more to dog showing than meets the eye.

Runner Natalie Lehto

I had a chance to chat with Natalie Lehto, marathon runner, fitness and lifestyle coach, and author of “Like the Glide of a Dragonfly”, a book about psychological trauma and healing written after


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