Bakers to jewelry

September 2023


Joan Loveday and Carmen Wheeler are the best of friends and have woven their personal creativity into an innovative business called Jewel-Re-Art.

Joan shares their story: “I first heard about jewellery art from a friend who had seen a piece of artwork being auctioned off at a fundraiser in her hometown. She described to me the beauty of the piece and what a clever idea to use old jewellery and picture frames to create unique works of art. Our artworks have been very well received, each piece is very unique and a great way to give jewellery, frames and trinket boxes a new purpose in life,” says Joan. But the power of repurposing jewellery and trinkets isn’t just in their aesthetic appeal; it’s in the stories
they tell.

Each piece carries its own tale. Joan’s fondest memory involves a 1950’s hand-carved wooden duck brooch, adorned alongside leather pins and a contemporary wooden duck. The blend of eras and styles transformed the fragments of the past into a timeless narrative.

“The greatest reward of this endeavor is the emotion and the looks on our clients’ faces when seeing the finished artwork,” says Joan.
In the hands of these talented artists cherished keepsakes are created.

Jewel-Re-Art is more than a business—it’s an ode to the past, a gift to the present, and an everlasting memory for the future.


Dough Bagel Co

Remember those days when the aroma of freshly baked bagels wafted through the air as you entered Intercity Mall? That’s the magic that Dough Bagel Co, owned by the dynamic Jessica Stolz, brings back to Thunder Bay. Jessica’s journey from working at the iconic Bagel Store during her college years to founding Dough Bagel Co is a tale of passion, community support, and culinary creativity.

As Jessica reminisces, “When I found myself unemployed during the summer of 2020, I began to consider a change in my career path but didn’t know where to start.” Inspired by the unique flavors of the Bagel Store, Jessica’s vision for Dough Bagel Co began to take shape. With Betty Bastiancich’s blessing and guidance, the bakery was reborn, preserving the essence of those beloved smells and flavours of the past.

“Managing the store years ago taught me the ins and outs of operating a bagel bakery,” Jessica shares. From local ingredients to the slow proofing process that infuses them, her bagels stand out with their distinctive character. “Our dough is vegan aside from the ones that have cheese or chocolate in them”, says Jessica.

With an array of 11 regular bagel flavors and 4 specialty bagels, the options are as diverse as Thunder Bay’s vibrant culinary scene.“I feel honored that I was able to bring bagels back to Thunder Bay and hope we can continue serving the community for a long time,” she expresses with enthusiasm.

Visit them at 1500 James St. South

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