We're #12!

One of the most discussed Bayview articles over the years involved articles on our city’s ranking in the annual Demographia Home Affordability report.

Beekeeping is a buzz in Thunder Bay

Aaaah, Winter in Thunder Bay and the last thing that is on anyone’s mind is the buzzing of a bee to interrupt an otherwise perfect summer day. Unless you are one of our local beekeepers.

The crazy butterfly lady

Jodi Velasquez is the first to admit that her fascination with raising monarch butterflies, is well, a tad over the edge.

Making movement matter

It was one of the coldest January mornings at -32C but that didn’t stop the Rock Steady Boxing participants from making their way to the gym.

Spring is in the air

There is nothing more uplifting than recognizing the sure signs of spring.

Encouraging youth to just "BE YOU"

As a marketing director of a local shopping centre, I’m truly proud of the success that one of our signature initiatives has garnered.

Sweet endings

One of the great delights of Christmas and the holiday season is the delectable array of sweet treats that seem to magically appear at this time of year.

An empty nest

When I was a child, I recall my complete dismay when my mother began to lament about the holidays.

From scrap to art

Elaina Roberts of Hamata Creations is not your typical artist.

Are You Wearing Your Nylons?

It’s not certain when the name Nipigon Nylons was coined to describe those thick woolly grey and white work socks. What is known is that they have been around for generations.


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