Snowbirds grounded

Snow. Wind. Ice. Minus twenty degrees. Minus forty.

Technicolour dreamer

“Some folks dream of the wonders they’ll do before their time on this planet is through. Some just don’t have anything planned, they hide their hopes and their heads in the sand.

Shop local matters

One of my biggest fears about Covid is that our local business community might be steamrolled by large online retailers who do little to help our community function and flourish.

Switzerlands best kept secret

Switzerland, that landlocked country in central Europe, is famous for its mountains, its cheese and its watches – the entire country runs like a Swiss watch.

My app named Harry

It has been quite a while since I shopped for winter clothing.

Taking pause

We are certainly living in strange days.

Victoria Shaffer

The daughter of one of Thunder Bay’s favourite sons received a great deal of notoriety recently when she turned some recent negative life events into something good.

The rainbow connection

I recently caught up with Cherie Kok, Executive Director of Hospice Northwest.

A natural made bachelor party

When George Comuzzi was thinking of planning a memorable experience to recognize his upcoming nuptuals, he took inspiration from the tales his father had told him over the years of canoe trips in Q

Growers adapt in big ways

When one door is closed, another one always opens.

This seems to be the perfect adage for Jodi and Kevin Belluz of Belluz Farms since the Covid pandemic hit in early spring.


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