A quarter turn to the fantastic

Fantastical things are coming as Northwestern Ontario Writers Workshop (NOWW) welcomes international best-selling author, Guy Gavriel Kay, to LitFest 2024 this May.

My most cherished possession

In April 1965, just a few weeks after my eleventh birthday, my dad and I took the train from (then) Port Arthur to Toronto to see our beloved Leafs play the Montreal Canadiens in game 3 of the Stan

The life-changing world of animal rescue

If you, or someone you know has a dog, chances are it’s a rescue.

A tribute to a friend

Brian was a writer, a scientist, a thinker, a friend. He was creative by nature.

Signs of the season

Growing up in Atikokan, we were used to being forgotten by the “Big Wigs” in Parliament, down in Southern Ontario.

Jessica & Atilio Argueta - Love at first swipe 

Atilio Argueta was born in San Miguel, El Salvador but came to Canada with his family when he was four to seek refuge from the civil war that was occurring in El Salvador. 

Cambrian Players strives for an inclusive, accessible space

Cambrian Players, Thunder Bay’s longest-running community theatre group, is approaching their 75th season which will kick off this fall.

Un-hibernating the creative spirit

While many of our woodland friends are emerging from winter hibernation, we also itch to get out of our caves to see what has been growing and brewing during the winter months.

Mary-Jean Cormier

From Mariday Park to Miles Street, CBC’s Mary-Jean Cormier has crossed Canada shining a spotlight on people and issues from all areas of the country, looking for stories to share.

Blinded by the light

Ah the festive season. Is there any other more magical time with sparkling lights on the tree, the railing, the fireplace, the outdoor…we all enjoy the glow!


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