The wines of home

Above Niagara Falls and its escarpment, the great high plane of southwestern Ontario stretches westerly to Lake Huron and the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers.

Baby Shark doo doo dodoo doodo…

For any of you that are or have been around a toddler lately, you will know the repetitious music and the love that children have for Baby Shark.

Lazy person's sauerkraut

Lesya Gowriluk admits her recipe for sauerkraut has its drawbacks. Although very easy to prepare, it doesn’t earn her any nods of approval for hard work from her Ukrainian relatives.

John Pringle

There’s a lot more to John Pringle than a captivating smile. He has seen the world, read many a book, and draws you in with his wisdom and thoughtfulness only seconds after saying hello.

Lempo - a Thunder Bay horror story

You are sitting around a twilight campfire with some of your friends. The conversation has died down and the night sky is utterly black.

A life devoted to dance

A dance studio owner must have the skills of a dancer, teacher, and entrepreneur all at once. Amelia Jackson (1904 - 1990) was one such rare talent.

Packin’ with punch

One of the many winter activities that continues to grow in popularity is snowmobiling.

Tish Iceton, a voice for true crime

During the 80’s and 90’s, Tish Iceton was a fixture on local radio. Iceton came to town as the host of the afternoon show on 1230 CJLB in 1981.

Have wings, will fly

Jenn Salo has a dream and it has wings.

Bakers to jewelry


Joan Loveday and Carmen Wheeler are the best of friends and have woven their personal creativity into an innovative business called Jewel-Re-Art.


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