A chat with author Marianne Jones

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if some of those words are set in stone?

TBSO Season 60

“We have something wonderful here. Our orchestra is a gemstone in our Boreal culture,” Arts reviewer Michael Sobota said of the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra.

Respect, trust, care and professionalism

It’s September and a new generation of hopeful students are taking the first steps along their path to becoming a nurse. In Thunder Bay, that path has two starting points.

On the Wright track

These last two years have been difficult ones for school children because of the pandemic.

The unique history of Current River

Current River has grown up in the shadow of Port Arthur now Thunder Bay North.

This dog has seen it all

I remember the first time I saw Dan and Yakira. I was nearing the Stanley turnoff just before Kakabeka when the traffic slowed.

My days of discovery in the sun

SUN is the source of life. It is unimaginable to think of our existence without the SUN. According to Indian mythology, we consider the Sun to be a GOD (In Sanskrit known as SuryaDev).

The fave five

In our summer issue, musician Danny Johnson shared the songs he would take with him if cast away on a desert island. Music tastes are deeply personal and the window into someone’s soul.

The great reopening

First, it was patios. Then, it was limited capacity, with masks and socially-distanced tables.

Albert and Alison Tjong

Alison and Albert met in Toronto while they were both part of a team of staff working at a newly opened East Side Mario’s. “We became fast friends,” says Alison.


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