All a-board!

Food and entertaining trends come and go, and some even come around again.

Bright fantasy for a dark world

Tucked away in a rural home in Slate River, a young author busily plots her next novel.

If tenderness be gold

“Writing a novel as opposed to writing for a live audience is a very different kettle of fish,” says playwright-turned-novelist Eleanor Albanese.

Non-profit organizations versus the Covid pandemic

Before the word “Covid” became a household name, non-profit organizations always struggled to meet their clients needs. Covid only made it harder.

50 years of memorable moments in local sports

It feels like a century ago that we kicked off a new year and new decade.

The story of Westfort

The Province of Canada’s Department of Crown Lands surveyed the southern bank of the Kaministiquia River west of the fur trading fort of Fort William during 1859-60.

The HMCS Fort William

As the Second World War raged in the summer of 1941, the Canadian Navy was in the process of constructing dozens of warships to aid in the war effort.

Meeting new expectations

Since the Covid pandemic, many businesses in Thunder Bay have upped their on-line presence or created one.

Warmth in the time of COVID

That first winter in the New World must have been a harrowing one for the people settling Ste. Croix Island in 1606.

Jonathon Clark and Natalie Gerry

Jonathon Clark and Natalie Gerry, both lawyers at different local firms, met when they were working on opposite sides of a legal file.


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