A tornado market?

What a difference a year makes.

California dreaming

Historically, wine emerged from the old world – Europe and the Middle East; today it flows from all around the world.

Horseradish: The Ukrainian condiment that’s the ultimate complement

I have a memory of my dad making horseradish.

Living to the max

Well, it has finally happened. My stretch jeans have lost their stretch. More accurately, they are no longer bouncing back from the dryer.

Marianna Paulson: The Auntie Stress of Anti-Stress

Marianna Paulson, a former Thunder Bay resident and now stress coach in Surrey, B.C., not only provides words of wisdom to help her clients deal with stress and anxiety, but lives and breathes her

Environmentally friendly businesses of Thunder Bay

We’re very well aware of the negative effects the pandemic has created in our lives, but have you stopped to consider some of the positive changes that have happened to our environment since Covid

Silver Mountain Food Group


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Goods and Co. Market’s successful holiday opening

Goods & Co. launched in the iconic former Eaton’s building just in time for Christmas season in 2021 and people seem to have been loving it ever since.

Wild Thyme

With both a dine-in option as well as an affordable “heat and eat” meal preparation and delivery service, Wild Thyme is yet another must-try addition to the Thunder Bay culinary scene.

Carlito's Game Cafe

“I believe that gaming has been a positive influence in my life and I owe a lot to it.


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