It's the season of style

November 2022

It’s the time of year when shopping may not be as much a pleasure but perhaps more of a chore. While I can enjoy a day of shopping bliss, moving from store to store during the festive season I find I can no longer do the marathon of yesteryear without taking the appropriate breaks. Whether the requisite leaning on the counter tops, or a full-blown chair or, better yet, sofa appropriately placed within the change area or waiting space, my legs and my back ache for a momentary respite wherever I can get it.

Recently I went shopping at the stylish downtown multiple store space. Beyond being impressed that we can get a decorative and yummy cocktail before noon (I saw quite a few Mimosas being served) I couldn’t help but notice how the clientele was well dressed, made up and dare I say posh?

I, of course, had my mom jeans on (no rips or shredding), my favourite well-worn sweater, runners (yes runners) and one of my oldest puffy jackets. I felt a bit underwhelming, and the only attention

I received was because I was walking around with my almost two-year-old grandson. He got lots of attention in his best haute couture.

It appears the midriff is the latest showcase in style. I find this very scary even when I just think about it. Nothing like having a pop-top sit on the midriff with no place else to go. I could be starting the newest trend…the bubble. Not exactly the best winter attire and I can’t say very flattering, on me, anyway.

The same would go for the shredded jeans. Aren’t these cold in winter? Is that skin under there or do people wear leggings? I worry that if I bought a pair and they were remotely tight, that my skin would strain through the opening when I sat down. I look at jeans as a way to keep things fully in (thus the stretch). Obviously nouveau fashion trends differ.

One thing I can truly get behind is the footwear trend of low, and comfortable, boots and shoes. Finally, we are not relegated to heels that are too high and toes that are too narrow. Most were wearing what a colleague of mine calls comfortably stylish. If you were wondering, my runners did not cut it.

After this experience, I have pulled out the stylish jacket and footwear that could pass as kind of cool in my own mind. Unfortunately, neither of these items are remotely warm or able to brave the elements. And for the life of me I don’t know how to wear socks with any of the shoes in my closet. My young and fashionista niece advises that I should get these tiny socks that don’t show beyond the footwear. What these are good for, beyond bunching up at the heel and toe, is still a mystery to me but apparently that’s what they are all doing.

So, another festive shopping season is upon us. Some of the more organized friends of mine have their lists all tied up and probably wrapped. You can imagine how I feel when the only thing I have managed to do is review my shopping wardrobe. I guess it’s true that everything is okay if you look good or at least you think so.

Have a wonderful winter everyone!

Sue Prodaniuk is a marketing, advertising and communications consultant. She can be reached at

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