Baby Shark doo doo dodoo doodo…

September 2023

For any of you that are or have been around a toddler lately, you will know the repetitious music and the love that children have for Baby Shark. Not understanding the fascination until a recent visit with my grandson, I now can truthfully say I sang the whole song more than once and was enjoying the activity; that is until we got to Grandma Shark.

Yes, the song goes through baby, mommy, daddy and even grandpa, without eventuality. Then grandma shows up. Grey hair, spectacles (I am using this term for effect), and definite wrinkles around the mouth. It is difficult to see her teeth if she has any. (note the irony of a shark with no teeth) and she has a warble in her voice. Grandpa Shark, of course, carries a sporty moustache. Even if its grey, he looks more distinguished than old.

More than a little frustrated, this characterization is just another example of how women, in my age group are depicted in so many graphics, magazines, and described as in books.

Most recently, while scrolling through Facebook, l saw two examples of the same characterization. One was for losing weight through dance. You guessed it, the over 60 woman was depicted as having grey hair, in a bun, an extended tummy and covered head to toe in sweatpants and sweatshirt adorned with a flower applique. Her face had the definite granny look. Additionally, a fasting advertisement was very similar except this time the dress was mid-leg length and it looked like she was wearing support hose.

Obviously the warm, friendly face associated with grandmothers is a bonus. The rest is such a blatant mischaracterization of today’s grandma, that I must wonder if the world really looks at us in this way. Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Perhaps like me, you have experienced similar behaviours when you walk in a room, for example, and people rush to offer you a chair; are ignored at a meeting until, taking notice of the rolling eyes, you can add something valuable to an intelligent conversation; and of course, when every young person comes to our beck and call while downloading an app. Shocker, it downloads all by itself with a push of a button, literally.

Although many may think this is just being polite, as much as I am aging, I don’t think I’m age-d. Like many, I try to dress in moderately modern style (I draw the line at pop tops) and try to stay as healthy as I can through exercise and diet. (admittedly the latter is my biggest downfall) yet there is no hiding the fact that I am moving on in terms of age and that this fact makes a definite impression to others.

I suppose it wasn’t any different in our youth. Women I thought were older on first impression, in fact became many of my closest colleagues and friends.

I gave my first impression some time and eventually figured out that these women deserved my respect and knew a whole lot more about life than I did. And I guess they too experienced the same ageism that we are experiencing now.

But perhaps it wasn’t so blatant and universal then and with the advent of a boom in technology and social media, ageism has permeated beyond personal opinions to the world wide web. Growing the misconception.

I still like Baby Shark for my grandson but do point out that I don’t look like what is portrayed. He responds by looking at her and pointing to me shouting Grandma! I still have work to do.

Till next time.

Sue Prodaniuk is a marketing, advertising and communications consultant. She can be reached at

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