The "spring" in my step

March 2021

I love this play on words considering that Spring is right around the corner. Or will be by the time you read this. Right now it is more like - 30 and I don’t want to know what the wind chill is. I don’t remember wind chills being reported as a temperature when I was a kid. Now we all speak about it like it’s just commonplace. And if we don’t, someone inevitably reminds us.

I recently had a scheduled outing. It was for a medical appointment. I thought that I should make some effort in my attire since I was visiting with a Physician. My mother, and perhaps yours as well, always advised me to make certain I only wore the best clothing and underclothing (you know what I mean) when I have this kind of appointment.

I got out of my car, trying to elegantly remove myself from the seat without getting any salt or dirt on my winter- white coat. I had smartly worn my Uggs so that I wouldn’t feel the pain of standing in a line, in heels, awaiting entrance to the inner chamber. Uggs are fashionable, I think, as I make my way to the doors.

As I am walking, or perhaps better described as trudging, through the parking lot, I hear the distinct crunching of snow behind me. Recognizing that the pace was far faster than mine, I quickened my steps to make certain I was not in the way. To no avail, they not only catch up, but pass me and that’s when I noticed it. There was a young woman, smartly dressed in a camel wrap-around coat, gloves to match her boots. Her scarf is done just so around her neck and, you guessed it, she was walking with a spring in her step that can only be described as youthful.

I instantly looked down at what I thought was nicely attired and realized that, in fact, I had turned into the older woman who moves slowly and blocks the way. I had no real skip in my
step and feared that if I tried to, I would trip over the small boulders of snow the machines leave behind.

Yup, the best I can do is not drag my feet.

Yes I am bigger. I don’t move with the same agility. I don’t have long hair with curls that move up and down when I walk. I do remember the days when

I skipped in and out of shopping centres and restaurants. I remember when dressing up for work was a selection from the biggest part of my wardrobe, now occupied by lounge-wear which, let’s face it, is a small upgrade from pyjamas.

I have finally become the woman I used to see in grocery lines or walking in the mall. Or really, I have finally admitted

I have become that woman. I move with purpose, and although in my mind there is a bit of a skip in my step, it is weighed down by the extra layers, no heels and the fear that I may fall and break something. I refer to my walk as stealth.

I got home later that day and looked at myself in the mirror. I dug out all the old, but beautiful, scarves I used to wear, dusted off the leather boots with a modest heel, and began walking back and forth in front of my full length mirror with a happy skip. Beyond the hilarity that brought me to my knees, (that hurt) I admit that maybe it’s better to restrict my skip to a more conservative raised step, showing a little athleticism that the young feel I should not have at my age

(I still remember the sting of a young man who asked me if I needed help getting out of the car).

Alas, my coat and boots, and step, are still waiting a try out.

Happy “Spring” everyone.

Sue Prodaniuk is a marketing, advertising and communications consultant. She can be reached at

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